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Norfolk, VA— Over the past few years, Keisha Reynolds has been dedicated to growing small businesses, nonprofits and churches with her digital public relations and marketing firm, K&R Communications; but since last year, she has taken it a step further with a new project to help grow small businesses at no cost.

The Small Business Marketing Initiative helps 2-3 budding small businesses with their marketing efforts.

Since its inception, the project has helped businesses located in Hampton Roads where K&R Communications is based and in Detroit, MI; which is Keisha’s hometown. Hampton Roads based businesses such as LovShots Photography and Detroit based businesses such as Build a Scholar Educational Center are among the list

“I started this initiative because I know how vital effective marketing is to a growing business,” said Reynolds. “It’s literally the lifeline to how small businesses become competitors in their respective industries.

Participants are selected for The Small Business Marketing Initiative based on elevation. Reynolds and her team look at entrepreneurs and small business owners the year before they are chosen to be a part of the project.

“We take a look at entrepreneurs who are hustling hard for their businesses to make their brands standout. It’s those individuals that are passionate about being in business and are ready to succeed at all cost,” said Reynolds. “They are perfect for the initiative because that type of effort can’t be bought. And, this is my way of giving back, and letting them know that I see their hustle.”

“Many small businesses have small budgets and, often times, a marketing budget may not exist yet. Elements such as a  website, effective branding and graphic design are the foundation to presenting any business to the public,” said Reynolds. “So, this solves a problem for the growing businesses that we select.”

The initiative is taking a new turn with a brief application process to make it a fair playing field. K&R Communications is seeking a Hampton Roads newly-minted small business or entrepreneur who needs marketing help to apply for the last slot of 2018.

The business that is selected based on the application will work with K&R Communications for the third quarter of the year. If you want to take your business marketing efforts to the next level, email Info@knrpr.com to apply.

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